Sunday, November 9, 2008

Who Wants to Be an Architect?

Very, very frequently, when I meet someone new and I tell them that I am an architect (or, more accurately, that I am working on getting my architect's licence), they tell me that they wanted to grow up to be an architect when they were younger, but that something got in the way. Sometimes, they found something else that they loved to do, but sometimes, I think, they just got intimidated by the process of becoming an architect. Yes, it is a long process, and kind of a pain in the neck.

So, I am really happy to share a new website that can help guide young people through the process of becoming an architect. ARCounsel offers free on-line counseling to high school students who are thinking about becoming an architect. The project was started (and run) by Bill Simonian, who helped found the Southern California Institute of Architecture (sci-arc, which I've mentioned before) and was the academic counselor there for 34 years, including the years I spent in grad school. Bill is a great guy and I am thrilled that even in retirement, he is sharing his expertise with future architects. If you (or someone you know) are a high-schooler thinking about becoming an architect, I encourage you to contact ARCounsel.

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