Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Update

Sorry, y'all, for the silence here this week. I have not had a good week for reading or writing (too much time in a car, for one thing) but here's what has been happening:

I bought, read and finished the Buffy Comics Omnibus Volume 5. This volume features one of my favorite characters, Oz, in a stand alone story about him traveling to Tibet.

Also bought this week: Lost in a Good Book, the sequel to The Eyre Affair (which I loved), by Jasper Fforde, and Stolen, the sequel to Bitten, by Kelley Armstrong (which I discussed here).

I continued reading Le Corbusier: A Life by Nicholas Fox Brown. It's really a good book, but very dense and I find it a bit difficult to pick up. When I do, though, it's a rewarding read. Eventually, I will finish it and then I will have a lot more to say about the book and Corbu himself.

At the urging of my neighbor, I started a book of short stories by Daniel Alarcón, War by Candlelight. Again, I think I will write more about this after I've finished, which should be soon. So far, I am impressed; Alarcón is a very good writer.

So that's what's happening with me. I think I am going to try to start doing more of these update posts, mostly on Friday. Please let me know what you think!

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