Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alvar Aalto

There's a very nice slideshow up on Slate today about the residential design of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto: A Low-Key High Modernist: The unpretentious houses of Alvar Aalto. Villa Mairea is one of my favorite buildings, but I also loved the last house in the show. I have the exposed brick in my house - now I need a lovely little reading corner like that!

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  1. How fun I found your blog! I've got Finnish roots, so seeing Alvar Aalto's name immediately caught my attention. (Anne Shirley AND Aalto on the same blog? What are the chances?!)

    If memory serves, some of Alvar Aalto's chairs were used in Men in Black--the scene where Will Smith's taking the written test with the other candidates. They're the futuristic egg-shaped ones.


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