Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To Kindle or Not to Kindle? (Updated)

My husband is seriously considering buying the new Kindle. Do any of you have the original Kindle or another e-reader? What do you think? I'd love to get some feedback before we plop down the money.

Visit the Kindle 2 page on Amazon here.

Update: Here are some articles about the Kindle that might be interesting -

CNET's review of the original Kindle
Gizmodo's take on the Kindle 2
Nathan Bransford's praise of the Sony Reader (Which, like Jen of Devourer of Books I have played with at Border's and been very impressed by.)


  1. I don't have one, but after seeing the new Kindle I want one. I just wish you could SEE Kindles at a regular store before buying like you can the Sony reader. I'll be interested to see what people say here.

  2. I can't help you here. I've lusted after one since it first came out!

  3. have you decided yet? A friend of mine has one and loves it, and she showed it to me, and its pretty cool. I can describe it to you later.


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