Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Update

I just wrote my first review (it's scheduled for next week) in about two weeks. Woo-ee, I was rusty! Turns out, this whole writing reviews thing takes practice. I have done a fair amount of writing this week, but its been for work and has been generally of the boring kind.

How about I tell you about what books I've gotten since the last time I checked in? In very exciting news, the book fairy visited our house! My husband dropped a paper on the floor and had to go fishing under our couch to find it. When he came up for air (its scary under there!), he had an armful of wrapped Christmas presents that neither of us could remember putting there. I've called famiy members, and no one has claimed them, so we've just decided its the book fairy! And the book fairy knows us pretty well, based on what we got.

Embedded in America: The Onion Complete News Archives Volume 16

The California Directory of Fine Wineries

What Would MacGyver Do?: True Stories of Improvised Genius in Everyday Life

Thanks, book fairy! We love our new books!

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