Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Update 4/16

Almost every Friday, I update my library and share what new books I bought or received during the past week.

Since its been so long since I've done this, I have a ton of new books to tell you about:

An Anthology of Light Verse: Modern Library No. 48, edited by Louis Kronenberger: It was published in 1935 and I picked it up at a used book shop, just for fun.

Happy Hour by Michele Scott: This came from the author for review. It was my teaser this past Tuesday.

Water Music by T.C. Boyle: It's this month's book club selection. Book Club is tonight and I've barely made it a quarter through this thing. Let's just say, I'll probably have another installment of DNF's soon.

A Corpse at St. Andrew's Chapel: The Second Chronicle of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon by Mel Starr. I got this via the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.

The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti: I bought this at the library book sale after having read, oh, let's guess, about 200 reviews for it when it came out.

Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits by Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson: I bought this at the library book sale. I know nothing about it, but I love Robin McKinley so I have high hopes.

Have a wonderful, book-filled weekend!

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  1. I really enjoyed The Good Thief - hope you do too.


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