Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Book Review: Loving Frank

Loving Frank: A Novel by Nancy Horan

I thought this was a very good book about someone I knew very little about, Mamah Borthwick. As someone who has studied architectural history, I knew the bare bones of the story, so I knew the ending, but that was all I knew about this remarkable woman. Very interesting subject material. And it was nice to see a side of FLW that wasn't so... Fountainhead. (And by that, I mean a look at FLW that is not hero worship but an examination of the actual person beneath the persona.)

As a side note, I was impressed, too, by how closely (it seems) the author kept to the facts of the story. I enjoy historical fiction, but it annoys me when an author takes too many liberties with the historical record. Good show to Nancy Horan for telling a story well and telling it how it (probably) happened.

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