Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Architecture Links columnist Scott Van Voorhis is suggesting that you "ditch the architect" and save yourself some money for your next home renovation project. Unless you are doing a simple renovation or addition (under 100 sf), DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM. And I'm not just saying that because my livelihood literally depends on it. Many times, on small projects, I have recommended that a potential client talk to a builder before an architect. But these are very small jobs and none have involved changes to the building's appearance. Do you know how few good builders are also good designers? Virtually none. And almost no city in the US will allow you to make exterior alterations to a building without getting permission from your local planning department, something a builder is likely to have no experience with. What saddens me is that clearly my profession has done a poor job of explaining why we are worthwhile to the public at large. (via Archinect)

In this video, well-known architect Robert A.M. Stern is asked why are there fewer women architects than men. His response? Women are forced to choose between having families and being successful architects. I think he probably is right but why, in this day and age, is that still considered to be a woman's issue and not an issue for every one of us? I'm sure there are many male architects out there who would prefer to spend more time with their families and are just as torn about their career and their home life.

Okay, on to happier subjects...

I thought this was interesting (from Jezebel):
Prada's favorite architect, Rem Koolhaas produced the brand's spring look book... Koolhaas' offering fits with the trend of ever more bizarre look books — there's a classical theme, with models Photoshopped to look like crumbling statuary and other weird and wonderful effects.

For those of you who have always wondered why the Washington Monument changes color about a third of the way up, mental floss has published an interesting little history lesson.

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