Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Review: The Reincarnationist

The Reincarnationist by MJ Rose is a hard book to define. Its not quite a mystery, not quite historical fiction, not really a fantasy. Its a thriller, with bits of fantasy and history woven in.

Searching for answers about the ancient flashbacks photojournalist Josh Ryder keeps experiencing, he turns to the Phoenix Foundation, a secret organization that documents cases of past life experiences in children.
His findings there lead him to an archaeological dig and to Professor Gabriella Chase, who has discovered an ancient tomb -- a tomb with a powerful secret that threatens to merge the past with the present. Here, the dead call out to the living, and murders of the past become murders of the present.
It took me a while to get into this book. Moving back and forth between the past and present, the story was a little choppy and there were so many characters, it was hard to connect with any of them. But after sticking with it, I found myself engrossed and really wanting to know what would happen.

I especially recommend this book to anyone who is interested in past life research, as the topic is woven through the modern-day portions of the book, to good effect.

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I'll be diving into the sequel The Memorist soon.

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  1. I suspect you'll like The Memorist more - just like I did :)


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