Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy (Early) Birthday, Ray Bradbury!

Years ago, I lived in LA and drove up to the Bay Area every other weekend to see my (then) boyfriend (now husband). The only thing that made the trip bearable was listening to audiobooks. After listening to everything worthwhile at my very small, local library branch, I started to venture out to some of the larger libraries in the city to find books.

One random night, after work, I stopped by the Palms/Rancho Park branch to see what they had in stock. When I arrived at the library, I was surprised to find the parking lot packed, every light on and a big crowd inside, so I asked a librarian what was going on. Ray Bradury was there, giving a talk and signing books. There was no special occasion or reason why that I could see, he just liked to do this every now and again to support the library. (Donations were being accepted but otherwise there was no fee.) He was great to hear and the evening was just a real treat for me.

If you would like your chance to hear Mr. Bradbury speak, and support the library at the same time, he has several upcoming events going on in honor of his 88th birthday (which is actually on August 22). The LA Times blog Jack Copy has information for several Bradbury birthday events.

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