Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review: The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

Before Truly Plaice was even born she was an oddity in her small upstate New York town. As her pregnant mother grew larger and larger, the townspeople placed bets on just how big the baby boy would be. When Truly was born instead, her ill mother dying in the process, it sent her father into a tailspin of depression. Unfit to raise the enormous young girl and her dainty, pretty older sister, Serena Jane, Truly's father dies not long after. While Serena Jane is taken in by the Pastor's wife, Truly is sent to live on the run down Dyerson farm.

Truly and her sister's lives split dramatically then. Serena Jane is adored by the town and, less fortunately, becomes the focus of Bob Bob Morgan's desire. Bob Bob is the next Morgan doctor in a long line of them and he is just a right bastard. When Serena Jane finally leaves him - and Bobbie, their young son - he bullies Truly into coming to live with him and watch Bobbie. Things go from bad to worse for Truly then, but eventually she finds a way out. And along the way, she finds love and helps her nephew to do so as well.

I really enjoyed reading The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker. Truly was a fascinating character. Her life was just different enough to be remarkable but also familiar in a way that I think anyone would relate to. It helped, I think, that the book is written from her omniscient perspective. Even though she shouldn't have known everything she talked about, it was interesting to get her take on everything from the Morgan family history to some of Bob Bob's more vile acts.

There is one thing in the book that really bothered me. Near the end of the book, a certain character (I won't say who, to avoid spoiling anyone) dies unexpectedly, indirectly as a result of Truly's actions. I felt like Truly's reaction to this was very blase, considering how much this person had meant to her. I definitely found myself thinking about this after I finished the book and if any of you have read it, I'd be interested in hearing your take.

That said, I definitely recommend this book. In fact, I'm thinking about picking it for my next book club selection!

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