Monday, September 15, 2008

I *heart* Book Bloggers

This is one of those real life gets in the way of blogging weeks, unfortunately. Unexpectedly, I have to go out of town this week, so I will probably not get the chance to post much, which is too bad for a couple of reasons. First off, I have several new books to review and I'm not going to get the chance to do so before I go. (In fact, I should be packing right now, not writing this post.) To wet your appetite, please see my previous "preview" posts here and here to find out more about what books I've been reading recently. Here are some ...

Adventures with Purpose by Richard Bangs
Mouse Guard Volume 1: Fall 1152 by David Peterson
Art Deco San Francisco: The Architecture of Timothy Pflueger by Therese Poletti

The second reason that I'm bummed that I won't be around this week is that its Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Start at My Friend Amy's for the fun, and enjoy getting to read lots of great bloggers and hear all about lots of wonderful books.

Have a wonderful week!

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