Wednesday, September 24, 2008


For Book Bloggers Appreciation week, My Friend Amy posed several questions for book bloggers to answer, including this one: How many hours a week do you spend on reading?

I try to read books for about an hour or 2 a day. That includes about a half hour in the morning, plus maybe an hour before bed. And I usually squeeze in 5 or 10 minutes here or there over the course of the day. I'm notorious for just pulling out a book anywhere, anytime to squeeze in a few minutes of a good book. Then, on the weekends, I'll read for a few hours everyday. I used to read almost non-stop, though. Life gets in the way, though.
How about you? How many hours do you read a week?

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  1. I know I am a year late in answering this question...I was just waiting for the words to come to me.

    I have actually started getting up earlier in the morning so I can read more before I go to work. When I used to commute via Metro I cherished that as book time--and even had my walk from the Metro to my office routed in a way so that I could read while I walked and not end up killed or having someone plow into me. Alas, now I walk to work, which I love, but it does cut into my reading time. I almost never go to sleep at night without reading first.

    But to answer your question, I have no idea how much time I spend a day reading.


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