Monday, September 22, 2008

Review: Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

There is a secret world that humans never see, where mice have cities hidden away. These cities, and the trading routes between them, are protected by the Mouse Guard. They are fearless and intelligent… and they are totally adorable.

This is the world of Mouse Guard: Fall 1152, a graphic novel by David Peterson. I was first drawn to this book by the exceptional illustrations. Visually, this book is a real treat. I was especially impressed with the coloring – quite lush and rich—and the expressive faces of the characters. Peterson employs various styles, within a unifying color palette, to make the artwork evocative and portray mood. His work is excellent.

The story is good, though maybe not quite as good as the artwork. It moved very quickly and was occasionally jumpy, though in general was just a very simple story. What I liked, though, was the world that Peterson has created. You get the sense of history and of layers of stories still to be told. Maps, wall hangings, etchings, details fill each panel. Clearly, there are many more Mouse Guard stories to be told. I really look forward to reading future installments from Peterson (including the second volume out now).

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