Monday, December 1, 2008

Review: Buffy Comic, Wolves at the Gate

The best husband in the world bought me a present this weekend. It was the latest Buffy the Vampire Slater "Season Eight" comic trade paperback, Wolves at the Gate. In a word, awesome. Sad, funny, gory, sweet, geeky: all the things I love about Joss Whedon and the Buffyverse.

[Edited to add: FYI, it is an adults only comic book. In addition to the blood, there are some very adult things going on in this one.]

Here's a link to buy it on Amazon (for which I get, what? 2 cents?) or, even better, mosey on over to Things From Another World, the online Dark Horse comic books store, and check out all the great sales they are having today.
Edited to add: TFAW is offering free shipping through the end of the year. So now you should really go buy this there.

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