Monday, December 22, 2008

The Brother Cadfael Series

I love mysteries and historical fiction, so when I discovered the Brother Cadfael books by Ellis Peters, I was in heaven. For those of you who have never read the books or seen the BBC adaptation, these are a series of murder mysteries set in Medieval England (between about 1135 and about 1145, during the civil war between the forces of King Stephen and Empress Matilda). I've really only just scratched the surface of this pretty extensive series (see below) but I highly recommend what I've read so far to any other mystery or historical fiction fans.

From wikipedia, here is the full list. I put a star next to the one's I've read so far.

*A Morbid Taste for Bones (written in 1977, set in 1137)
*One Corpse Too Many (1979, set in August 1138)
*Monk's Hood (1980, set in December 1138)
*Saint Peter's Fair (1981, set in July 1139)
*The Leper of Saint Giles (1981, set in October 1139)
*The Virgin in the Ice (1982, set in November 1139)
The Sanctuary Sparrow (1983, set in the Spring of 1140)
*The Devil's Novice (1983, set in September 1140)
Dead Man's Ransom (1984, set in February 1141)
*The Pilgrim of Hate (1984, set in May 1141)
An Excellent Mystery (1985, set in August 1141)
*The Raven in the Foregate (1986, set in December 1141)
*The Rose Rent (1986, set in June 1142)
The Hermit of Eyton Forest (1988, set in October 1142)
The Confession of Brother Haluin (1988, set in December 1142)
*A Rare Benedictine (1988): contains three short stories: A Light on the Road to Woodstock (set in Autumn, 1120), The Price of Light (set at Christmas, 1135) and Eye Witness (set in 1139)
The Heretic's Apprentice (1990, set in June 1143)
The Potter's Field (1990, set in August 1143)
The Summer of the Danes (1991, set in April 1144)
The Holy Thief (1992, set in August 1144)
Brother Cadfael's Penance (1994, set in November 1145)

My plan is to return to this now and then and update with what I've read.

Buy Morbid Taste for Bones (the 1st book) on Amazon.

Updated March 17, 2009. See more here.

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