Friday, May 8, 2009

Movie Review: Star Trek

This may be an entirely unnecessary review but I thought I'd report back on our impromptu decision to see Star Trek on opening night. I'm not a Trekkie but my husband is and he was so excited about this movie that yesterday afternoon he decided that there was no way he could wait until this weekend to see it. So off we went and, I'm relieved to say, it was great!

The best thing about this movie is that its really not for die-hard fans (the kind that will be wearing costumes or chatting in Klingon). In fact, as we were leaving the theatre, we heard a fair amount of "but in episode blah-blah, Spock was seen clearly seen doing such-and-such" and grumbling that Vulcans would never be that emotional. But for the rest of us, there was no reliance on knowing these characters before. This movie really looked at everyone with fresh eyes. I recommend it for anyone who likes sci-fi or action flicks, even if you usually have no interest in Star Trek.

Oh, and for Alias fans, we caught at least one shout-out in this movie. Lost fans will have to let me know if JJ Abrams included any references (I'm only halfway through Season 1, so I wouldn't know).

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  1. I'm planning to go tonight! I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been to a movie in ages.


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