Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Secret Rooms & Other Cool Stuff

This house is insane. Its not a house, its a castle. So, of course, it has a secret room. Read all about it here.

Here's a news article about the same house and the woes of trying to sell a home for over $30 million. My heart goes out to them. (/sarcasm)

I've seen something similar to this car lift used in parking garages, but this is the first I've seen of its use in a residential application. How cool is that? It would only be better if it was also serving as the exit from your secret lair, a la Batman.

Nothing secret about this, I just think its interesting: Student Works: Rock and Roll Fantasy - SCI-Arc at Coachella: Elastic Plastic Sponge. The image above is of the pre-construction rendering; follow the link to the article for osme images of the real thing. Best quote:
One big lesson that people got out of it was that materials and their aggregations can generate the parameters for form making... you couldn't just twist the big ribbon in Maya and expect it to perform the same way in meat space.
Meat space? Ew. (oh, and see my previous posts about sci-arc (here and here) and blobs.)

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