Monday, September 7, 2009

Review: No Dogs in Heaven?

Along the same lines as All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot (which I've never actually read, to be honest), No Dogs in Heaven? is a sweet memoir by an Ohio veterinarian about his practice.
Included is the telling of Sharp’s first day as a rookie veterinarian nervously preparing to inject a needle into a one-ton Holstein bull; finding a rash on a cute puppy whose lovely young owner bared her breasts to ask his opinion of a similar skin ailment; treating a vicious dog whose violent owner had stabbed it with a knife, only to treat the same dog two years later—now a sweet and gentle pet of an adoptive family; and caring for a kitten struck by a car who survived amputations of both right legs, somehow learned to walk, earned the name "Lefty," and was taken in by a family who loved him.
This is a quick, good-natured read, not too taxing, but enjoyable. Pet lovers will particularly enjoy it, and I could definitely see buying it for a friend or relative considering becoming a vet.

Buy No Dogs in Heaven? Scenes from the Life of a Country Veterinarian on Amazon.

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