Thursday, February 4, 2010

Architecture Links

I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing about architecture at least once a week. I was going through a rough patch at work that not want to think any more about architecture than I had to, to be honest, but I am feeling better and have gotten back in the groove of thinking about it.

Arch Daily has started a new section of their blog devoted to architecture publications. Looks like there will be some interesting stuff going on there.

You may not be aware, but at the end of last year, Switzerland voted to ban the construction of new minarets (Wikipedia has the whole story.) The response was, as you can imagine, pretty dramatic. Here's one little story: When the Swiss Voted to Ban New Minarets, This Man Built One [Via Archinect]

Speaking of Arch Daily, I read an article about St. Benedikt Chapel by Kunze Seeholzer. I just love private little chapels. And this one is particularly lovely.

I'm posting this house - Villa Dali, by 123DV Architecture and seen on Design Milk - because I like it and I think my husband will, too.


  1. Cool - can't wait to read your writings about architecture; it's one of the many things that originally drew me to your blog! :) (In addition to my amateur book-blogging career, I write for a magazine that covers design, construction and facility management - so we're approximately in the same industry.)


  2. I love that room, too - the bookcases and table are just gorgeous!


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