Thursday, February 11, 2010

Architecture Links

The AIA announced the winners of the 2010 Honor Awards recently. Lots of usual suspects on the list (deservedly, I'm sure), including an interiors prize for the Cathedral of Christ the Light by SOM. I visited the Oakland Cathedral soon after it opened and thought it was quite lovely.

So, have you seen Unhappy Hipsters yet? For those who haven't - they post photos from Dwell magazine with commentary on how unhappy everyone looks in their modern masterpiece.

Another snooze-fest of a church at Arch Daily: Parish Church of St Luke the Evangelist by Roman Vukoja & Robert Kriznjak. Okay, okay. Its actually lovely. But why do 90% of the modern churches I see these days look the same?

This is more urban design than architecture but its cool: Dial4Light: Turning Street Lights On Via Mobile Phone.

And at the intersection of books and architecture, this structural book stack from There I Fixed It.

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  1. There is something kind of odd about SOM designing a church. Spiritual is not a quality I generally ascribe to their work. Oakland cathedral definitely has its strengths. I do, however, think the design in plan looks a little ridiculous (a fish). Thankfully that bit of symbolic whimsy isn't noticed from the ground.


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