Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flashlight Worthy's Best YA of 2009

I got an email from Peter of Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations yesterday:
Hello from Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations -- where you can find books so good, they'll keep you up past your bedtime. ;-)

While my site has over 300 lists of great books, my collection of the Best Young Adult Books & Teen Fiction is... well, let's just say it's lacking.

So... I asked over a dozen of my favorite YA Book Bloggers to put together a collaborative list of the Best Young Adult Books of 2009. I'm happy to report that they wrote up more than a dozen excellent titles. Take a look. I hope you find some books you've never heard of and if you've read all of those books, then get in touch. You read so much that you should write a list for Flashlight Worthy!
This isn't something I'd normally post here (especially when I imagine so many other bloggers will be posting it as well), but the bloggers participating are pretty much all ones I read and trust (including Lenore, Nymeth, Doret, just to name a few) so I thought it was worth sharing.

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