Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book Art & Links

Here's some cool book art by Mike Stilkey I saw on Shelf Awareness some time ago -

More at This Blog Rules.

This calls itself a bookshelf, but I'm not really sure how well it would work. Maybe its for people who put, like, three books and a bunch of knick-knacks on their shelves. My shelves are full, y'all. No way a fishnet is going to hold my collection. [via Design Milk]

Oh, I love The Onion. This headline says it all: Watching Faces Of Students As They Finish 'The Lottery' Highlight Of English Teacher's Year


  1. Haha! Love The Onion! Makes me want to reread The Lottery.

  2. Beautiful artwork...I just don't like him painting on the books!

    If I tried to use that book hanger it would all come tumbling down. :) Interesting and unique concept though.


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