Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday 2/26

A big thank you to Pine Cottage Books for giving me the Happy 101 Award! Jeannie called arch thinking one of her "favorite blogs that make [her] happy to go visit." Aww, shucks. That's so nice of you to say!

The award asks for ten things that make me happy:
  1. My husband. He's a wonderful man and he always knows how to brighten my day.
  2. My family, especially my nephews when they are being sweet.
  3. Sushi. Specifically really good sushi, from a very authentic Japanese restaurant that I'm not going to mention because they are already busy and I don't want any new people going there!
  4. Coffee, especially when husband is serving it to me in bed in the morning. I like it fresh brewed with lots of milk and some sugar. Oh, yum.
  5. Books. Buying books, reading books, smelling books. I love 'em. That doesn't surprise anyone, does it?
  6. Thinking of ideas for new stories to write or new paintings to paint. There's something so magical about that moment when a new creative idea is formed. I like it even more than doing the actual creative work.
  7. Getting a compliment on something I've made (anything from a painting to a plate of cookies), especially when the person doesn't know I'm the one who made it.
  8. Being at the beach, watching the ocean and waves rolling in. Doesn't matter the weather, the beach is my favorite place to be.
  9. Finding a particularly tricky cache when we're out geocaching!
  10. You guys! I love having readers and I especially love comments!

Happy weekend!


  1. 2 of my favorites are on your list--coffee and books! Having any kind of a beach would be great too :)


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