Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Architecture Links: Family Edition

Inspired by my family, here are today's architecture links.

These links are for my husband, who loves treehouses:
Lofty shelterporn: 'New Treehouses of the World'
Offbeat Traveler: Yellow Treehouse restaurant in New Zealand
Modern Tree Living: Creative Treehouse Designs & Plans
This one isn't exactly a treehouse, but it feels like one: Lofted Forest Home: Organic Curves & Natural Materials

For my sister, Archidose has some beautiful photos of the Antioch Baptist Church in Perry County, Alabama by Rural Studio, 2002.

This photo is for my mom, because Salvador Dali always reminds me of her. I'm not really sure why, though.

Via Jezebel, this is a photo of a lamp by Moschino from their new collection of one-of-a-kind melted, twisted homewares inspired by Salvador Dali.

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