Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adult Books with YA Appeal

Thanks to Laura for the head's up about the Alex Awards (in response to my post We love Young Adult Books). The Alex Awards are given to ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults.

From the Alex website, here is a list of the 2009 winners (with links to Amazon added for convenience).

City of Thieves, by David Benioff
The Dragons of Babel, by Michael Swanwick
Finding Nouf, by Zoƫ Ferraris
The Good Thief, by Hannah Tinti
Just After Sunset: Stories, by Stephen King
Mudbound, by Hillary Jordan
Over and Under, by Todd Tucker
The Oxford Project, by Stephen G. Bloom and Peter Feldstein
Sharp Teeth, by Toby Barlow
Three Girls and Their Brother, by Theresa Rebeck

Pretty much all of these sound good, but knowing my recent spate of dark fantasy reading, you might be unsurprised that Sharp Teeth sounds intriguing to me:
A fast-paced ride through the brutality of L.A.’s wilderness of drugs, gangs, and the connections people make with one another. The fact that most of the characters in this bloody, sexy, free-verse tale are mostly lycanthropes is almost incidental.
I'm not so sure about the "free-verse" part, though, but I still think I'll see if my library has a copy.

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  1. John Connelly's The Book of Lost Things won this in the past. I think it's a great idea.


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