Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review: Midnighters Trilogy

I just finished reading the third Midnighters book by Scott Westerfeld, Blue Noon, and I wanted to write a review of the entire Midnighters trilogy. As I’ve said in the past, Scott Westerfeld has really become one of my go-to authors for a fun read.

When a new teenager, Jessica Day, moves to town, she is shocked to find that her new home town of Bixby, Oklahoma isn’t like other small towns. Unbeknownst to most of the residents, midnight every night the world freezes for an hour when the darklings - mysterious creatures from the past - come out to play. The only people who are awake during the quiet hour are the Midnighters, a group of four teens with special abilities, like mindreading and flying, but only during the special hour. And Jessica is a Midnighter. Now she just has to figure out what her ability is.

In book two, Touching Darkness, the stakes are raised when lives are in danger. Despite their differences the team has to come together to save their own lives and the life of a girl who was captured by the Darklings decades ago.

In book three, Blue Noon, the story intensifies as it becomes clear to the Midnighters that the danger is spreading. If they don’t find some way to protect the people of Bixby, the whole town, and maybe more, could be killed by the Darklings.

These are great books for younger readers and I found them to be fun to read, too. The Midnighters books didn’t have quite the same depth as Westerfeld’s Peeps (my review) or Uglies series. But I enjoyed them for what they are – interesting, fun, intriguing, and engaging.

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