Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Architecture Links

From mental_floss, 10 Facts About St. Peter’s Basilica. I'm sure any architects reading this already knew #1 from their architectural history lessons, though, right?

If any of my clients wanted to donate enough money to a university to have the architecture school named after me a la Fay Jones, I wouldn't say no. Heck, I'll take a couch in the student lounge. "Where did you sleep this afternoon after last night's all-nighter?" "The Lorin couch. Man, that thing is comfortable!"

I found myself nodding my head in agreement several times reading this post, 12 Reasons to Refuse to Render. (via archinect) To clarify, the blogger is talking about why, as a young professional, he thinks you shouldn't do the office renderings, not why projects shouldn't be rendered. But, as one of the commenters said, when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail, and that, to me, explains the proliferation of blobs at architecture schools today (see my post on the subject here.)

I love these miniature chairs created from Champagne corks! Design within Reach sponsors a yearly contest to make these. They're fun and great to look at. Bonus points to those who spot the copies of some famous pieces. See more at DWR's site and this blog. [via weburbanist]

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